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Velosimed holotropic center

Our vision

The Velosimed Center was established primarily to provide transpersonal psychotherapies. Through years of performing holotropic therapies, we decided to find our own space where we could perform holotropic therapies in peace and organize workshops on various transpersonal topics.

Thus, a small center/home is growing in the Kokra Valley, reflecting our longing and vision for our work ...

You are most welcome to join us!

mandala all seeing eye
Send us:
  • Medical form (download file attached below, fill it and return it to us by e-mail to and please bring signed hardcopy on the registration on the workshop.
Payment details will be sent to you after the registration.
"A very comfortable atmosphere in which I felt extremely safe and accepted. Marko and Mojca are great therapists, always in the right place. With all the participants in the workshop, we created a cozy and intimate space for the whole process."

Tanja, participant f HBW 

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