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spirit of mountains in Slovenia
Where and who
The Holotropic Breathwork Workshop takes place in the Velosimed Center, in a beautiful setting below the mighty Kočna mountain. Workshop behind thick stone walls gives a sense of security, while the surroundings with beautiful nature in Kokra valley, provide quality and necessary relaxation during and after the workshop.
GTT certified practitioners offer all the support and safety needed in order that you can open yourself up to Inner Wisdom and inner healing power in a completely safe and supportive environment.
Workshop Schedule...
Holotropic Breathwork Workshop formats
Format 1+1 (single breathwork):

Beginning of the Holotropic Breath Workshop is Friday afternoon. It starts with a lecture that is mandatory for all those attending the workshop for the first time.

Then comes Opening Circle where, among other things, we also form a diade sitter/breather. This is one of the very specific features of HB, which provides extra safety for the whole work.

Opening Circle is followed by a brief rest and then a holotropic experience (the core of the Holotropic Breath Workshop). Each participant "breathes" once, the other is in the role of the "sitter". In the afternoon the roles are reversed. The following are the integration activities of the experience in the evening and on Sunday.

After each holotropic experience, refreshments (coffee, tea, water) and snacks are provided. The workshop also includes lunch and dinner on Saturday and dinner on Friday.  

For more info see Schedule...
Mandala of holotropic process
Intensive format (2+2):
offers two holotropic sessions and two “sitter” experiences for each participant. The holotropic experience briefly referred to as "breathing," allows you to connect with the source of wisdom and healing transformative powers within you. GTT certified practitioners make sure that you can open yourself up to Inner Wisdom and inner healing power in a completely safe and supportive environment. The workshop is extremely intense, so we recommend to stay at or near the venue during the workshop.
In addition to all the activities at the workshop, all participants are provided with refreshments (tea, coffee, excellent water) and healthy tasty snacks. A vegetarian menu is available for meals...
For more info see Schedule...
breathing as one event


Imagine what is possible when we join together and use the profound and natural gift of breath to contribute to the healing and evolving of ourselves and our world.

Only occasionally in our lives, we have the opportunity to honor the great pioneers amongst us. Only rarely can we do so in a unique and transformational way. Participating in this celebration is one such opportunity.

Stanislav Grof himself invited all GTT facilitators around the world to organize Holotropic Breathwork™ on June 11th, 2011 in the year in which Stanislav celebrated his 80th birthday and his wife Christina celebrated her 70th birthday.

Holotropic community decided that this event should be repeated every year! Many of you experienced the support of some tens of breathers - imagine what it would be like to get the support of thousands or even tens of thousands of breathers at nearly the same time.

For more info see Schedule...
Send us:
  • Medical form (download file attached below, fill it and return it to us by e-mail to and please bring signed hardcopy on the registration on the workshop.
Payment details will be sent to you after the registration.
"A very comfortable atmosphere in which I felt extremely safe and accepted. Marko and Mojca are great therapists, always in the right place. With all the participants in the workshop, we created a cozy and intimate space for the whole process."

Tanja, participant f HBW 

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