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Fri, 18 Aug


Velosimed center

Integration Circles 2023

These particular workshops will fulfill the virtual module requirement. The holotropic breathwork workshop takes place in the Velosimed Center, in a beautiful setting below the mighty Kočna mountain. The workshop behind thick stone walls gives a sense of security, while the surroundings with beautiful nature and Kokra river, provide quality and necessary relaxation...

Integration Circles 2023

Time & Location

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18 Aug, 10:30 CEST – 20 Aug, 13:30 CEST

Velosimed center, Kokra 72, 4205 Preddvor, Slovenia

About the Event

Dear Holonauts, we invite you to join us at regular monthly meetings and special Holotropic Breathwork workshops, which will be dedicated exclusively to integration activities and deeper self-knowledge.

Estimated meeting dates:March 27 (Zoom) April 24 (Zoom) May 22 (Velosimed Center) June 26 (Zoom) August 21 (Velosimed Center) September 11 (Velosimed Center) October 23 (probably Zoom) November 20 (probably Zoom)

Integration workshop of Holotropic Breathworkwill be held from Friday August 18 to Sunday August 20 (Where: Velosimed Center) The number of places is limited, so reserve your place as soon as possible. Info and applications:mojca.studen@velosimed.comali 040 907 664



Dear Holonauts, imagine taking your integration to a whole new level that is immensely efficient and fun at the same time.As holonauts - voyagers into the infinite depths and mysteries of your soul - you know that your unconscious mind is the limitless part of you that is your creative genius. It contains resources that can help you solve any problem, brings great insights and revelations, and can 'talk' to you about any subject on a symbolic level. Some call this part of our soul the Universal Mind, the Higher Mind, or the Subconscious, but whatever the terminology, it is thea part that hides endless treasures. You have already discovered them through the Holotropic Breathwork workshops, why notthese treasures become part of your everyday life?! So that after the holotropic experience you can keep all the fruits of the holotropic work that you did in the workshop and build on this work even after the workshop, it is necessary to createstrong connections between your conscious mind, the mind that takes care of everyday thinking, and your unconscious mind.This is a skill that will improve your life in truly amazing ways. At the Holotropic Breathing workshop itself, despite the fact that we really take care of as much and as good integration as possible during the workshop and make an effort to provide detailed instructions for integration after the workshop, we notice that, unfortunately, _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_too many holonauts run out of resources and consequently the will to continuous work. We think sogroup supportin the holotropic part very important. It can quickly happen, if we stay with the integration alone, that we get stuck in our own narrow circles and lose the necessary breadth and flexibility for real progress. We invite you to "kill two birds with one stone".join Integration Circles, which will take place in the form3-hour meetings; partly by Zoom, partly in our center. The special Integration Round will last 3 daysIntegration workshop of Holotropic Breathwork, with many integration activities and a single holotropic experience (1+1)...The integration rounds will take place approxonce a month on Monday evening from 17:30 to 19:45.The first 45 minutes will be dedicated to sharing experiences, mutual help, your questions and wishes that arose during the two meetings. For the next two hours, we will acquire new integration knowledge and skills together. At the integration rounds, we will first get to know ourselves with the help of the system3D Enneagram, which I developed for several years. Through the 3D Enneagram, you will learn to get to know yourself more deeply and better, and consequently to choosesuitable integration methods for youfor optimal results. There will be learning and training to safely enter various trance states and work with mentalization techniques of self-hypnosis, learning and _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_practicing effective forms of meditation, all in conjunction with your personality structure. Some meetings will take place via Zoom, and for some we will meet at the Velosimed center in Kokra. You are cordially invited to get comfortable, relax and enjoy meeting, getting to know, recognizing and using the power that lives in you, Mojca & MarkoIntegration circles include:8 ✗ Integration round (normal value €360) 1 ✗ RHETI test for determining the personality structure according to the Enneagram system (€12) 1 ✗ Holotropic breathing integration workshop (value €220) Total, therefore, €592 €370.However, you can only join the eight Integration Circles (without the Integration Workshop) - price €372 €240.


Info and applications:mojca.studen@velosimed.comali 040 907 664


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