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June 2020 workshop

I have chosen to attend a 4 days holotropic breathwork workshop at Velosimed, because it was highly recommended by someone whos opinion is valuable for me.

First of all, many, many thanks to Mojca and Marko, for sharing their wisdom with us, and being our guides, mentors, and instructors for holotropic breathwork, and at the same time thank you for being our caring and lovely hosts.

I arrived at the workshop without any specific expectation but experienced already during the first breathwork session that for all my life I was carrying with me some serious and unreflected issues from the past. Issues, which were unknowingly impacting heavily on my emotions, my behaviour and my personal energy. Recognising these issues, helped me a lot to deal with them properly. By the end of the workshop, they were taken care of properly and although they are still present, they seem to have lost their negative impact on me and my life. They are still part of my history, but without any hard feelings anymore.

But what was even more mind blowing was that during my second breathing session I experienced my personal vision and purpose of my life on this planet.

All things that happened in my life over the past 10, 15 years came miraculously and with ease together, like pieces from a puzzle, and formed eventually a clear picture and plan for my future path of life.

I admit that I am a spiritual person, nevertheless I am far away from believing in every hokuspokus.

The revelation which I received though is super real for me and probably the best and most joyful experience, which I ever had in my life.

Thank you again Mojca and Marko and thanks to all the other participants of the workshop.

The 4 days with you were wonderful and inspiring for me.

Armin Wagner

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