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NY Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

Dear Mojca, thank you very much for the warm hospitality and the great  experience you offer me. Although it wasn't like I had imagined, it was really deep, not only  for the breathwork, but also for the sense of community that was created between all  the participants. Usually, to be the only stranger in a group it would have been very  stressing for me, but this time it wasn't. I was calm and relaxed, I liked every moment I lived in your house: when we had meals together when I listened to the conversations in  Slovenian, when I took care of the breathers, when we shared our experiences in the circle, when we did the mandala in the wood and, after the end of the retreat, when I did a short walk in the mountain and when I played ping-pong with Marko and many more things. Really my life is becoming more colored and bright every day, like my mandala. Thanks again for the colors you added to my palette. A big hug to you, Marko and Veronika.

Luca Griffone (published with permission)

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